Sunday, December 30, 2007


so I am just running around with my head cut off trying to get ready for 12th night! I've been working on my husbands secret santa gift, I have 5 scrolls due, I want a new skirt for my Elizabethan to wear, I have my Secret santa stuff, I'm helping someone else with their secret santa gift, I'm baking a cake for 12th night, my 12th night gifts....... then the following week I have a huge speech and debate thing and I have to have my belly dancing outfit done then I have to finish neils outfit in time for caer galens A&S I am soooo swamped I don't know how I am going to be able to do it all!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ahhh the holidays

So I'm still working on Neil's outfit it's moving along at a good pace. I am having issues writing up the documentation. Funny don't you think... I've made tons of garb (pretty good garb if you ask me) and I've done a good share of A&S stuff but I have never done anything with clothing...... I'm also working on several 12th night gifts. I have 5 scrolls due at 12th night and I'm just plugging along........

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


so there has been a vote and a 6 month extension has been added to the quest..... It's nice to know I do not have to rush my last 2 categories in 2 months! I'm still working on Neil's outfit and now there is an extension I am thiking of going for the fighting category hmmmmm.... I don't know

so the sleeves have been embroidered and the sleeves put I just need to do the rest of the putting together and the couching of the gold cord......... so far so good!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


so I am still plugging away on the garb for Neil I'm embroidering the sleeves which are taking forever but I was able to sew the prototype in one night so I should have plenty of time to finish this
I am also writing up my rosary paper and then I will pick up the beads and make them up

I am still trying to get an answer about the heraldry test but once again no one is speaking on the list again. I am also looking at an option 2 so I could guarantee to finish the quest in time

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm official

The webpage keeping track of all of us doing the quest has now been updated!! If you click my name it lists all I have finished!!! I am very happy!!!

Look and See!!

I'm working on Neils outfit for the clothing category! I hope to have that finished and entered in Caerthe's Toys for Tots on Nov. 17th

I'm going to see what I can do about the herald test........

still trying to decide what to do for my 10th category..............

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm missing something...

Good news Decorative arts and my scroll are now in my finished list

My decorative arts beaded awards received scores of 44, 48.6, 48, and....... a 50!!! because of some confusion with the judges I ended up with 4 people judging my bead work this give me an average score of 47.65! again I only need a 35 to be above 70%

My Scroll received a 46, 44, 48.5 giving me an average of 46.167

I went back and recounted what I had and had not finished and realized I was missing something so here is the correct updated list


Courtesy and Etiquette- February 03, 2007

Introduction- April 28, 2007

Dancing- May 07, 2007

Food- June 16, 2007

Travel and Shelter-June 18, 2007

Calligraphy -October 6, 2007

Decorative Arts- October 6, 2007

To Do:

Clothing- In Planning stages

Games and Pastimes


Every Day Life



Skills and Technology

Survival Skills

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dragonsspine A&S

So in about 10 hours I will be at Dragonsspine's A&S...... I will be entering two projects knocking out 2 more categories of the quest!

For my decorative arts I am entering three beaded slips........ (only needing 2 such items to complete the category, yea me!)

I am also going to enter the scroll I've been working on for my calligraphy category!

I sent out a question about making garb for my son for my clothing category.... I hope I hear a go ahead on that soon

Good news!! I posted on the quest group about my idea of expanding the focus of the quest and even tho I've been completely shot down at least folks are talking! so I'm not all alone!

A few of the caerthen folks I've been chatting with are hoping I finish the dragonsspine quest and then use my idea of making it a SCA focused quest and start it up here next year, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but it is an idea

So here is where I stand

Courtesy and Etiquette- Done
Introduction- Done
Dancing- Done
Food- Done
Calligraphy- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done
Decorative Arts- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done

In the works

Clothing- Once I get a yea or nay I can decide if I'm making something for Neil or myself
Heraldry- I need to take the test and herald some rounds
Entertainment- I have a lead on possibly doing a dance
Skills and Technology- Thinking either gloves or jewelry

If I have time

Games and Pastimes
Survival Skills

If all goes well I have 6 down 4 to go and 4 months left!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm all alone... so all alone...

fitting title, no? I see spamalot today (lyrics from one of the songs) and it's how I feel as of late about the quest I've posted several notes to the quest list asking how folks are doing, what they are doing, are we still doing this ect. and I have received no message back! I keep plugging along tho.

Today I posted a message because after talking to some folks who feel the quest is just to hard or just not feasible with their persona or that they don't even have a persona I had a thought (yes it does sometimes happen)

what if we expanded the quest make it more of a SCA quest rather then a persona quest, encourage people to research and learn and try new things in the SCA... ever made a scroll here is a chance to research and create one, enter it into a A&S competition and score 70%.... ever wanted to make garb? research something create it and enter it in a A&S comp. You're a viking but want to try dancing for the quest.... come learn 3 dances and teach one...... it fits all the categories and it makes the SCA focused questionnaire that much more fitting.......

I hope I hear something from the group on this one....

If I don't I will then at least know I am alone in taking this on and frankly I will complete it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scroll Done!!!

I really enjoyed this! I had a little more time then I normally do for a combat scroll and I loved basing it off a real manuscript! I' feeling really good about this considering this is only my second small scroll and really my first try at the squashed bug style! Now I'm off to do some sewing (and some wedding stuff with my sister) I hope to write the documentation up tonight!

almost done!

well with the scroll anyway!

here is the text I chose (the more cursive form on the bottom)

I based the text on this page

I decided to do the capital with a dragonsspine purple letter with the badge of the order sitting behind it (of course I erased the name shhhhhh)

All that's left is the ladybug and some whitework...... I also have to finish writting the documentation............

but it will be ready for this weekend! Now to finish this off and try to finish Neil's garb!

Monday, October 01, 2007

scroll again

ok so now I finished the shadow work and that took ages to get right.... well at least as right as I am going to get it..... I'm not 100% happy with it yet but I feel good about it considering it's my 2nd small scroll and the first time I've tried this style

This is about 3 hours worth of work spread out over 2 days.....

all I have left is a touch of white work on the blue flowers spots on my lady bug and I think I'm going to change the color on the butterfly..... I have a 2.5x4 space to put all my text including a capital (I plan on doing the letter in dragonsspine purple and the background of the letter will be the badge of the order) and leaving room for signatures........... I wrote to the head scribe and their excellencies I hope they will let me shrink the text or I am going to have a really fun time trying to write in the style of the scroll uber small (smallest I have ever gone!)

Saturday, September 29, 2007


so I did another 20 minutes where I added the green and the highlights with yellow (I think a white would be more dramatic as a highlight but I've no been told that in period what was used to create the green pigment had a bad reaction when lead white touched it so because I am doing this for A&S white would not be a good choice here........ I think I'm going to call it a night and I hope tomorrow I have time to do the shadows with brown..... or I might decide to focus on the embroidery for Neil's outfit..... it's sad I can't really do much with all the pieces cut out until the sleeves are ready because everything must come together at once if I'm going to get all the seams right

It's been really quiet with my other questers in fact I've only heard one other person really doing anything.... it's a bit frustrating since I still haven't heard back about my questionnaire and the checkoff list on the website show no changes so it's a bit sad..... anyone thinking about doing this is going to think it's impossible since it's been over 6 months and nothing has happened I keep posting to the list but I've heard no responses frankly I am beginning to think that I'm wasting my time doing this..... I mean it's great that I'm learning new skills and that I am doing all these fab projects but If I finish I feel I'm not going to get any recognition for reaching such a high goal and if I don't make it I will be viewed as just wasting my time..... I have posted all the write ups for y projects to our group and keep updating here but I doubt anyone is really looking...... I don't know.......... It's getting to a point I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say I quit but it's more then just the quest that is getting to me, it's this whole laurel thing as well....... I feel I've hit a wall and I'm asking for help and everyone keeps walking by..... I just don't know what else to do sigh.............. I also have what could turn out to be a huge personal issue that will come to a head I have no doubt when I go for the fighting category in fact I'm thinking of not attempting that category just so I can avoid the headache.......... grrr I don't know!

some more scroll and

so I've done another 1/2 hour on the scroll and it's begining to really pop for me!

I've also started dome embroidery on the sleeves for neils outfit I'm not sure if I will get it all done in time for the A&S tho

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

scroll part 2

so the boy is in bed so I put in about 30 miniutes of real work into it and I'm pretty happy with the look it's the first time I'm doing real shadowing and highlighting with colors instead of just whitework. Once I add the details and shadows I think this is going to look really good

well it's late and munchkin will be up way to early so I better get some sleep while I can

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

working on the scroll

so I've finished the documentation on the beadwork and I just have to back a couple of peices so that is pretty much done I can now focus on my next category

I recently took a class on doing small scrolls and I tried my first one last weekend and I must admit I'm hooked it looks like much more work then it is and truly it is a lot simpler then most scrolls I do

here is the scroll I did last week
and it is based on this

it is 4x5 and like I said it was a blast I've decided to do this A&S project on a manuscript from the hastings hours

So I did a little work and after about 3 hours of work, chatting, other projects, chasing my son this is what I have so far

it's also a 4x5

Sunday, September 23, 2007

another update

added pics of sugar paste plates to cooking entry

working on decrotive arts and scribal (maybe clothing as well) for dragonspine A&S
I also might have a lead for my entertainment entry!

pics of sugar paste plates if you don't want to look in archives

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

another update

so queens prize is coming up but I can't find a sponser.... but I hope to enter a scroll and my beadwork and maybe my dress at the Dragonsspine A&S..... that would knock down my list big time... otherwise I've been busy with work sigh.......

Sunday, July 01, 2007

sweet bag update

so I just found out my inlaws will be visiting in 3 weeks so I'm not sure how much I will be able to work on the sweetbag but I'll keep updating when I do work on it

I really wish I had a better camera my dark green stem work is done and I have the light green highlights almost finished -this is at 4 total hours of work

sweet bag

I've started work embroidering the sweet bag for the decoritive arts part of my quest

sorry for the fuzzy picture but this is 1 hour into the project

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Travel and Shelter done

Where the queen goes, her court must follow. The chaos that followed Elizabeth's summer progress prompted one historian to write, "Nothing save war was more disruptive to the orderly well-being of court life than a royal progress." Elizabeth went on progress each summer, to maintain contact with her people and to get out of London during plague season. When the Queen went on progress "she was not content to be accompanied by a mere handful of courtiers and ladies-in-waiting; she took along a great multitude and a large train of luggage, furnishings, food, and other suplies". Burghley tried to get the queen to limit the number of people she took on progress, but she was unwilling to compromise on the matter. To maintain the level of magnificence expected of her, she expected both her courtiers and her household to behave as though they were in residence at one of her palaces.

In 1553 a travel guide described France as being twenty-two days wide and nineteen days long. Another travel guide of the same period put the distance at sixteen days long. William Harrison's The Description of England, written in the 1580s, does not count days per se but he does list the distances between places and the implication is that the traveler might stop at each for a meal or for the night. "The way from Berwick to York, and so to London" is accomplished in twenty-two stops. London to Dover has another six stops.

On foot, one might travel three or four miles an hour during the day. Few people wanted to be out at night, so travel was confined to daylight hours. There were rivers to ford, however, and mountains to cross, so this was not a pace one could keep up indefinitely. Those who could, rode, either on horses or mules. The one hundred twenty mile journey from London to Stratford upon Avon took three days on horseback.

English gentlemen thought it unmanly to ride in any vehicle or on a mare. They used small, hard saddles and rated their horses by color, bay being the best. Women rode astride (using a man's saddle) or apillion. A pillion was a leather or padded cushion on a wooden frame which was strapped to the horse's back behind the saddle. A footboard hung from the offside and the woman clung to the man in front of her. By the sixteenth century, the sidesaddle was also an option. It was popularized by Catherine d' Medici, who brought one to France from Italy when she married the king of France in 1533.

There were some vehicles available. Wagons and carts had been around for a long time. Ladies might also be carried in litters. The coach, however, was a new development in sixteenth century England. A far cry from later developments, these coaches were an outgrowth of the carriages used to transport artillery. The first coaches had no springs or window glass and little padding. They differed from the four-wheeled carriages and covered wagons used earlier in that they were closed and had seats inside for passengers. One seat outside held the driver.
The first coach was brought to England from the Netherlands in 1555. The first coach in Scotland came from France with Mary, queen of Scots in 1561. Because of poor roads, the conveyance did not catch on outside London for some time.

The cleanest was to travel is by boat on the Thanes River. Usually, traveling by boat is faster than carriages or wagons. If you don’t have a boat, you would hail one by crying “Westward (or any other direction) Ho!” , A water taxi would cost about a penny.

To cross the English Channel (also called the Narrow Seas) to France could take days, even weeks, or in perfect weather conditions, only an afternoon.

One map giving travel times from Venice indicates that it took ten days to reach Augsburg, sixteen days to get to Brussels, and twenty-seven days to go all the way to London. Overland routes made use of rivers and canals.

Briggs, Asa, A Social History of England, Viking Press, New York, 1983
Loades, David, The Tudor Court, Barnes & Noble, New Jersey, 1987
Orlin, Lena Cowen, Elizabethan Households, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1995.
Somerset, Anne, Ladies in Waiting, from the Tudors to the Present Day, Alfred A. Knopf New York, 1984.
An Elizabethan Progress by Zillah Dovey (1996)
John Leland's Itinerary, edited by John Chandler (1993)

Monday, June 18, 2007


Now when I update this page I will also post this little checklist

Checklist 5/10

Courtesy and Etiquette- February 03, 2007
Introduction- April 28, 2007
Dancing- May 07, 2007
Food- June 16, 2007
Travel and Shelter-June 18, 2007

Calligraphy -in progress
Games and Pastimes
Decorative Arts
Every Day Life
Skills and Technology
Survival Skills

cooking part 2- finished

Over last weekend I entered my sugar paste plates under the food category at dragonsspines champions I scored a 39, 46.8, 45.75 giving me a average of 43.85! Needing only a average score of 35 to reach the average score of 70%! (I also want to brag that all three judges gave me the full 10 points for documentation!!)

** part 2 of category ***food in your area, including what was available, where it came from, restrictions on food and how it would be prepared. You shall include a sample of a menu for a normal day and for a feast

A Sixteenth Century Dinner (normal day)
First Course
Brawn (boar meat)
Roast Beef
Roast Venison (deer)
Meat Pie
Vegetables in season

Second Course
Roast Lamb
Tarts and Custard

The staple diet consisted of meat and bread and was much sweeter than today's food. Manchet was a very fine white bread made from wheat flour with a little bran and wheat germ added. It was creamy-yellow in colour. This bread was for the nobility

a wide variety of meat and game including what they hunted:- deer, boar, rabbit, quail, bustard, curlew, plover, cormorant, badger, hedgehog, heron, crane, pheasant, woodcock, partridge, blackbirds, etc. They also had meat from the animals they reared on their land:- beef, mutton, veal, lamb, kid, pork, rabbit, chicken, duck, swan, peacock, goose, pigeon, doves etc.

The sea fish for eating included cod, haddock, ling, conger, and plaice.The fresh water fish included eels, pike, perch, trout, sturgeon, roach, and salmon.Cockles, mussels and oysters

Nobility didn't eat a lot of vegetables some medical texts advise against eating raw vegetables as engendering wind (gas) or evil humours. A variety of vegetables grown included leeks, garlic, peas, parsnips, collards, kale lentils, turnips, broad beans, onions, spinach, carrots, beets, artichokes, radishes, and asparagus. Herbs included borage, sage, thyme, rosemary, parsley and chives. edible flowers were also commonly seen in dishes

There were many varieties of apples, pears and cherries grown in England. Other popular fruits included damsons, plums, strawberries and gooseberries. Most of the fruit was cooked as doctors thought that raw food caused illness. Oranges, limes or any fruit imported from abroad was expensive and therefore only eaten by the upper classes. "Apricocks" (apricots) were imported from Portugal and "apples of love" (tomatoes) came from Mexico.

Sweets were common. Sugar became very popular and England was known for it's high quality honey. At Court sugar was added to ale, sauces for meat and fish, and sweetmeats like "marchpane" (marzipan).

Everyone avoided drinking water because it was very polluted. Hypocras was a sweet liqueur imported from the Eastern Mediterranean; it was the most expensive drink of all and was served at Royal banquets and special occasions. Wine was popular at Court; Sack was a sherry, a sweet wine from Spain; Aqua vitae (the Latin for the water of Life) was the name given to any strong spirit such as brandy. Ale was the word used for any fermented drink made from grain and water at Court more ale was drunk than wine. Small Ale (newly brewed) was often drunk at morning meals.


First Remove:

Soup (2 varieties, vegetable & meat)

Second Remove:

Roast peacock

Pork & egg pies

Roast Tongue

Leg of Pork

Fried spiced onions

Roast root vegetables


Third Remove:

Mushroom pasties

Braised venison in pepper sauce

Roast Lamb


Tarts and Custard


Fourth Remove:

Pears in red wine

Cheese and fruits


candied roses and violets




Hart, R (1972) English Life in Tudor Times, Wayland Publishers, LondonEmmison, F.G. (1964)

Tudor Food and Pastimes - Life at Ingatestone Hall, Ernest Benn Ltd, LondonFraser, A (1996)

The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, LondonDyer, C (1989)

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The Medieval Cookbook, British Museum Press, LondonRenfrow, C (1998)

Take a Thousand Eggs or More, Volume 2, Cindy Renfrow

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cooking (part 1)

(Food is necessary for life. Thorough knowledge of this area would be essential. To complete this category you shall document your knowledge of food in your area, including what was available, where it came from, restrictions on food and how it would be prepared. You shall include a sample of a menu for a normal day and for a feast. You must also prepare a suitable dish at an event with appropriate documentation. This shall be judged by the Cook’s Guild. )

So I thought I would post some of the stuff I have been working on in this catagory

Here is my sugar paste dishes drying........ I can't wait to paint them!

And here is some candied carrots and parsnips (on the waxed paper, I ended up not using these as they just didn't take a lot of sugar... I might retry them in time for crossroads) and candied apples and pears... which taste pretty good

A bad pic, of jumbles (elizabethan cookies)

A little close up of the jumbles so you can see the little knots and fun shapes

Monday, May 07, 2007


(Dancing was popular throughout all levels of society. You will be familiar with this art. You may demonstrate your ability by performing at least three dances of different kinds. You must name the place of origin and the time period of each dance and must be able to teach at least one of them. This category ill be judged at a Dance Practice. )

Dances listed below
I taught Black nagg and Black Almain on May 6th at the Raven Hyrst Dance practice

Black Nagg (Playford 3rd edition - 1657)
Setting: A longways set of 3 couples.

1- 4 Double forward, double backward.
5- 8 Repeat.

9-10 Face partner, take 2 hands. First couple slips up hall,
11-12 followed by the second couple,
13-14 and then third,
15-16 all turn single.
17-24 Couples slip back to place in reverse order, all turn single.

1- 8 Siding.

9-10 First man and 3rd woman change places,
11-12 first woman and 3rd man do the same,
13-14 followed by 2nd man and 2nd woman,
15-16 all turn single.
17-24 Do the changes again to return to place, all turn single.

1- 8 Arming.

9-14 Men's hey,
15-16 [men turn.]
17-24 Women's hey,
25-26 [women turn.]

Heart’s Ease (first edition Playford [1651 - registered in 1650])
Setting: A set of 2 couples (facing each other).

1- 4 Double towards the other couple, double away,
5- 8 repeat 1-4.
9-10 Face your partner and double backwards, away from them,
11-12 double towards partner, 13-16 turn your contrary by the right.
17-18 Face your contrary and double backwards, away from them,
19-20 double towards contrary,
21-24 turn your partner by the left.
1- 4 Side right with your partner,
5- 8 side left with your contrary.
9-24 Repeat
9-24. 1- 4 Arm right with your partner,
5- 8 arm left with your contrary.
9-24 Repeat 9-24.

Note: Playford's ``contrary'' is generally called a corner or opposite in modern folkdance.

Transcription: Meet all a D. fall back a D. ?u?.? That againe ?u?:? Men fall back from your We. meet again and turne Co. once round with the right hand ?u?.? All fall back from the Co. they turne, meet againe and turn your owne with the left hand. Sides all with your owne, then with the Co. ?u?.? That againe ?u?.? As before ?u?:? Armes all with your owne ?u?.? That again with the Co. and fall backe from your owne first, as before ?u?:? As before ?u?:?

Black Almain- Inns of Court manuscripts.
Setting: A processional line of couples.

1- 8 4 doubles forward.
9-12 Face partner and drop hands. Double backwards away from partner, double forward towards partner.
13-16 Quarter-turn left (men face up the hall, women face down the hall), double forward up or down the hall, turn around over your right shoulder, double back to place.
17-20 Face partner; men set and turn in place.
21-24 Women do the same.
25-26 Take both hands, turn halfway using one double into partner's place,
27-28 4 slip steps up hall.
29-32 Turn halfway back to your own side, 4 slip steps down hall.
33-36 Drop hands, double backward away from partner, double forward towards partner.

1-36 Repeat with the women setting and turning in place first, followed by the men.

Transcription: Honour. Fowre doubles forward, part handes with a .d. backe, meete again with a .d., A .d. on your lefte hand, a nother on your right hand, the man doe .2. .S. & a .d. rounde, the woman as much, take both handes, change places with a double & slide upwardes .4., Into your own place with a .d., Slyde downe .4., backe a .d. one from another, meet againe. The same againe. Bodleian Library MS Douce 280 (c. 1605/6), transcribed by Wilson Discussion:

A comment in one of the Inns of Court manuscripts, mentioned by Wilson, says that the dance was one of `the newest tunes that are now in vse' in 1584. However, this ballad to the tune is reprinted in Collmann's Ballads and Broadsides chiefly Of the Elizabethan Period; this ballad can be dated to 1570-1 via the Stationers' Register.

A proper new balade expressyng the fames, Concerning a warning to al London dames.
To the tune of the blacke Almaine.
You London dames, whose passyng fames
Through out the world is spread, In to the skye, ascendyng hye To euery place is fled :
For thorow each land and place, For beauties kyndely grace :
You are renowmed ouer all, You haue the prayse and euer shall.
What wight on earth that can beholde More dearer and fayrer dames than you? Therefore to extoll you I may be bolde, Your pace and graces so gay to vieu.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

intro posted

so as you can see by my last post I have posted my intro now I wait and see if it is good enough for the quest but in my eyes that is 2 categories done 8 more to go and about 9 months left until candlemas

my food category is almost finished I just have to finish fleshing out the menu and make the dish, the write up is already done (I plan on entering it at crossroads) and Sunday I'll get the dancing portion done!

not bad, moving right along!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


My name is Anora Marchaunt. I was born in Lancashire, England on October 16th 1537. My birth was quite remembered because the whole country was still celebrating the Christening of our long awaited Prince Edward the day before. I am the daughter of Henry and Amy Marchaunt. My Grandfather was gifted land and title for his deeds aiding Henry VII at the battle of Bosworth Field where he was part of Thomas Stanley’s household (the Earl of Derby). I have two older siblings Thomas and Mary and a younger sister Jane.

I spent my younger years at my father estate growing up with the Stanley children. I was lucky enough to be born around the same time as the Earls fourth child Jane and so we were tutored together and I received a grand education. I went to court for the first time on July 12th 1543 to see our glorious king Henry marry the lady Katherine Parr. At that moment I knew I must be a part of court life and the Lord Stanley arranged for me to become a lady in our Queens household. When I was eight my Father arranged for me to continue my education in Venice where I witnessed many things and found myself enthralled with the fashion that surrounded me. Venice had just Elected a new Doge, Francesco Donato and many noble families came into favor I was lucky my mistress’ family was one of them. I also discovered that I had been sent to Venice to also be educated in the true religion (Catholicism)

I remained in Venice until I received a letter recalling me to England on my sixteenth birthday. Queen Mary had just been crowned, England was going to return to the true church and I was to be married. My husband Nathaniel was a gentleman of the Earl of Northumberland’s Household and I was to become a lady of honor to the Queen. Within a year I achieved my wifely duty and gave birth to a son, Charles.

When I was twenty-one the Lady Mary died and I found myself in the employ of Elizabeth. I dearly love the lady Mary and her death affected me deeply, but one could not help but be charmed by such a lady as the Queen. Elizabeth brought joy back to the court that had long suffered in Queen Mary’s sadness. I greatly admire the Queen Elizabeth and I spend much time with her as a companion, she being only four years older then I, we find joy in much of the same activities.

Briggs, Asa, A Social History of England, Viking Press, New York, 1983.
Loades, David, The Tudor Court, Barnes & Noble, New Jersey, 1987.
Norwich, John Julius. A History of Venice. New York: Vintage Books, 1989.
Orlin, Lena Cowen, Elizabethan Households, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1995.
The Renaissance in England, Hyder E. Rollins & Herschel Baker, eds., D.C Heath & Co., Lexington Mass., 1954
Scott, A.F., The Tudor Age, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York, 1975.
Somerset, Anne, Ladies in Waiting, from the Tudors to the Present Day, Alfred A. Knopf New York, 1984

Sunday, April 15, 2007


so I turned in my Courtesy and Etiquette in Feb. but because we haven't had anyone finish the quest we really have no one to judge it yet so I'm still waiting to hear if I have finished that or not

I'm starting a dance practice next month and will be teaching all three of my dances listed in my last post at the first meeting so that will be the Dancing section done

I've also ploted out my my scroll for the Calligraphy part... I'm also working on some form of documentation, and I hope when it is done I can gift it to St. Marks since they have been so wonderful to me, I'm also waiting to hear if any bools of common prayer were illuminated, as it stands I doubt it since the printing press was all the rage but maybe I can get away with it but there is a library in London that focuses on the history of the church of England and I expect to hear back from them soon

I've written my Introduction but I don't know if it is good enought to submitt

I'm thinking a sweet bag and coif for Decorative Arts

a pair of gloves for Skills and Technology

I'm still waiting to get cleared to start fencing and I need to make fighting garb for Survival Skills

I need to study up and take the test for Heraldry

that leaves 2 categories left

overall I think I'm doing well

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Courtesy and Etiquette

Finished and turned in! Not posting it here (don't want folks looking over my shoulder to copy my paper lol)

Candlemas 2/3/07

1 down 9 to go

Thursday, February 01, 2007

10 projects

ok so I only have to do 10 out of the 15 catagories! So being the overachiever that I am I am going to shoot for more then 10 but the first 10 I'm going to shoot for are

Survival Skills- 4 fencing tournies- not an issue but I must get autharized

Heraldry- *Passing the Pursuivant Extraordinary exam.- waiting for our test
*Submitting your name and device for registration by the College of Heralds -done
*Heralding at least four rounds of fighting over at least two events. -can do

Food- To complete this category you shall document your knowledge of food in your area, including what was available, where it came from, restrictions on food, how it was stored and prepared. You shall include a sample of a menu for a normal day and for a feast. You must also prepare and serve a suitable dish at an event with appropriate documentation.

Dancing- Already know my 3 dances and I'm planning on when I will teach them

Entertainment- still don't know what I'm going to do but I can't wait to do this!

Clothing- going to do a elizabethan doublet dress with ruffs

Decorative Arts- blackwork, beadwork

Calligraphy- doing a page out of a "book of hours" of the new book of prayer

Courtesy and Etiquette- required

Introduction- write up

Thursday, January 11, 2007

why the wait

so I was gung ho about this but was told we were going to do a "thing" at twelth night to start this off but it never happened now rumor is there will be a thing at candlemas but I have to work that day so I have joined Dragonsspines medieval development group and hope to get the quest underway soon