Sunday, April 15, 2007


so I turned in my Courtesy and Etiquette in Feb. but because we haven't had anyone finish the quest we really have no one to judge it yet so I'm still waiting to hear if I have finished that or not

I'm starting a dance practice next month and will be teaching all three of my dances listed in my last post at the first meeting so that will be the Dancing section done

I've also ploted out my my scroll for the Calligraphy part... I'm also working on some form of documentation, and I hope when it is done I can gift it to St. Marks since they have been so wonderful to me, I'm also waiting to hear if any bools of common prayer were illuminated, as it stands I doubt it since the printing press was all the rage but maybe I can get away with it but there is a library in London that focuses on the history of the church of England and I expect to hear back from them soon

I've written my Introduction but I don't know if it is good enought to submitt

I'm thinking a sweet bag and coif for Decorative Arts

a pair of gloves for Skills and Technology

I'm still waiting to get cleared to start fencing and I need to make fighting garb for Survival Skills

I need to study up and take the test for Heraldry

that leaves 2 categories left

overall I think I'm doing well

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