Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm missing something...

Good news Decorative arts and my scroll are now in my finished list

My decorative arts beaded awards received scores of 44, 48.6, 48, and....... a 50!!! because of some confusion with the judges I ended up with 4 people judging my bead work this give me an average score of 47.65! again I only need a 35 to be above 70%

My Scroll received a 46, 44, 48.5 giving me an average of 46.167

I went back and recounted what I had and had not finished and realized I was missing something so here is the correct updated list


Courtesy and Etiquette- February 03, 2007

Introduction- April 28, 2007

Dancing- May 07, 2007

Food- June 16, 2007

Travel and Shelter-June 18, 2007

Calligraphy -October 6, 2007

Decorative Arts- October 6, 2007

To Do:

Clothing- In Planning stages

Games and Pastimes


Every Day Life



Skills and Technology

Survival Skills

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