Sunday, May 04, 2008

the future

so The plan was that we (her Excellency Lydia of Dragonsspine and I) did something to wrap up the dragonsspine Quest at Baron's war. Of course there is a very strong chance I will be going to Pennsic which means no Baron's war for me as I will be on the road to PA!!

So I am hoping we can do it at Dragonsspine's champion event this summer

So now that I am done what next??

Well naturally I want to corrupt those close to home and after talking to Her Excellency Mary about how much I learned from the dragonsspine quest we brainstormed on how we could introduce it to Caerthe and open it up to get more people involved.

So I created a new yahoo group

I am planning on holding a 1/2 hour class at crossroads where I will explain the goals of the quest and go into the categories. I hope to have a good group of folks excited and ready to start the quest shortly there after.

Eventually I would love to have a Chair person run the quest under the office of the baronial minister of the arts and sciences but I would really like that chair person be someone who has finished the quest so they understand the wants and needs of the folks undertaking the quest so that is a plan for the future.

I am also thinking of some sort of belt favor to show those who have started the quest and when you finish you receive another favor with charms showing which categories you have done. then your old questing favor can be passed down to the new questing giving them a bit of history but again this is in the works

So here is hoping that the quest takes off in Caerthe!!!

Clothing category

since folks have been asking to see the garb I made for the clothing category I have decided to post it

(ok in truth I just keep forgeting to post them) enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm still laughing

so in my frustration and trying to figure out what else I could do instead of the heraldry category I reread everything and I discovered I only had to do 2 out of the 3 for heraldry and... I had. So this means that I have finished the quest! It feels a little anticlimatic but I am so happy to be done!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another bump in the road

actually it is the same bump I've had since October... still no heraldry test... I've been asking and asking and coming up with alternatives and still no word from on high if it is a go or no go...

I'm getting a bit pissed about it in truth... I've waited about 6 months for an answer to this. I'm about to say "forget it (I'm watching my language)" and do a one page write up on my habitat or everyday life and call it done.... then if the heraldry thing ever comes thru I will be 1 over the # of categories I need.... I'll tell you this lack of support and communication is beyond killing me... no wonder the rest of the group that started this never did any of it... it's been over managed to death and no one is willing to to step up and run the darn thing.... Arggg I'm just venting. I'm all for someone having a life but what I hate is that we all are scared to death of sharing our opinions for fear we will be black balled heck I have probably blown my chance at awards and recognition just by writing this but what can I say I'm upset. I shouldn't have to wait 6 months for an answer on something that was in the "works" over a year ago!

ok I feel better next step write the 1 page non judged page

Monday, April 14, 2008

costume done!

So I entered Neil's garb into Kingdom A&S And I averaged a score of 38.666 giving me the 70% I needed so that is one more category off my list!!! 1 more to go!!!

I am so happy!


Sunday, March 30, 2008


so I have recieved several e-mails asking about my scores... Well in jewelry which is my skills and tecnolodgy entry I recieved an average score of 36.766 which gives me a 73.4% score I need at least an average of 35 points or 70% so this entry can count as finished

As for my clothing entry I recieved an average score of 34.933 or 69.86% yes I missed the 35 score by .07 points now many folks think I should just round it up and call it good but considering the lack of support and such I doubt the great powers that be would give it to me and to prevent any challenges I might get I must re enter this and pray for a 70% score....

bump in the road

OK so I hit a bump in the road today.... I entered my clothing and Skills and Technology items in Caerthe's A&S and didn't do as well as I had hoped. My Skills and Technology entry- the rosaries barely scraped by the 70% mark while my clothing item averaged a 69.87% I have my own theories on why I was scored so low (an all time low for anything I have entered since starting the quest- and since I need at least a 70% average score on my items to consider them done I must reenter the clothing entry before I can cross it off my list) and frankly I am feeling a bit stung. I did have some great suggestions on how to improve both entries that I plan on starting on tomorrow. Mainly because I haven't slept in 3 days trying to get ready for today's event and partly so I will get over such a blow. My big problem is the next chance I have to enter these items is at kingdom A&S in 14 days.

Now as a side note- there is a reason I don't enter caerthe's A&S and sadly today confirmed my reasoning's tho since I stepped up as caerthes A&S minister it is now my job to attempt to fix the issues I have so much trouble with.....

Kingdom A&S is by far the most intense A&S I have ever entered. As I am yet to try my luck with an inter kingdom competition at a war. I have never in the 10 years I have been in this kingdom entered a kingdom level event. I am scarred to death!!! I thought some of the judging today was a bit rough- It is a common train of thought that if you score an average of a 30% score with an item at kingdom that this is a huge success!! how am I going to get a 70% at this event??

I would like to also add sadly that many of my judging forms were returned with no comments at all.... so I have no idea what those judges liked or disliked....
(or maybe this was some form of initiation for the incoming A&S minister.....hmmmm)

so I'm feeling a bit down since I thought the clothing item was the stronger of my two quest entries at this event and will only give a heavy hearted - 2 more categories left to do...

ugghhh this is so depressing...... I hope a good nights sleep will help me see the light and find some motivation to redo the clothing stuff and I hope I survive my first kingdom A&S event

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

heraldry hold up

so I'm still waiting on the heraldry test. I threw out to the group that I would do a diffrent kingdoms version of the test that I thought we were using to base ours off of but the owner of our group has not said yea or nay and unless I get a good majority agreeing to my suggestions I am afraid she will veto my choice..... I have to get this done.... the deadline is looming and I am begining to stress.....

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Skills and Technology done!

So I have finished the 3 rosaries and I have finished their documentation!!! 2 categories to go!!!

first a black rosary made of black glass beads and Jet gauds a attempt at recreating a rosary from this painting

Next a coral rosary done in a loop style found in several paintings

And lastly an inspired by rosary... Done in Amethyst and silver filigree gauds

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 rosaries hahaha (sounding like the count on Sesame Street)

yup I have 2 count em 2 rosaries done!! 1 more to go and neil's outfit to finish and I will have two more catergories down!!!! I'm so happy!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have finished writing the documentation on the 3 rosaries I am doing for the skills and technology category and I have only to write a bit about the construction of Neil's outfit for the clothing category. Everything seems to be on point for me to finish the quest :)