Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm official

The webpage keeping track of all of us doing the quest has now been updated!! If you click my name it lists all I have finished!!! I am very happy!!!

Look and See!!

I'm working on Neils outfit for the clothing category! I hope to have that finished and entered in Caerthe's Toys for Tots on Nov. 17th

I'm going to see what I can do about the herald test........

still trying to decide what to do for my 10th category..............

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm missing something...

Good news Decorative arts and my scroll are now in my finished list

My decorative arts beaded awards received scores of 44, 48.6, 48, and....... a 50!!! because of some confusion with the judges I ended up with 4 people judging my bead work this give me an average score of 47.65! again I only need a 35 to be above 70%

My Scroll received a 46, 44, 48.5 giving me an average of 46.167

I went back and recounted what I had and had not finished and realized I was missing something so here is the correct updated list


Courtesy and Etiquette- February 03, 2007

Introduction- April 28, 2007

Dancing- May 07, 2007

Food- June 16, 2007

Travel and Shelter-June 18, 2007

Calligraphy -October 6, 2007

Decorative Arts- October 6, 2007

To Do:

Clothing- In Planning stages

Games and Pastimes


Every Day Life



Skills and Technology

Survival Skills

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dragonsspine A&S

So in about 10 hours I will be at Dragonsspine's A&S...... I will be entering two projects knocking out 2 more categories of the quest!

For my decorative arts I am entering three beaded slips........ (only needing 2 such items to complete the category, yea me!)

I am also going to enter the scroll I've been working on for my calligraphy category!

I sent out a question about making garb for my son for my clothing category.... I hope I hear a go ahead on that soon

Good news!! I posted on the quest group about my idea of expanding the focus of the quest and even tho I've been completely shot down at least folks are talking! so I'm not all alone!

A few of the caerthen folks I've been chatting with are hoping I finish the dragonsspine quest and then use my idea of making it a SCA focused quest and start it up here next year, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but it is an idea

So here is where I stand

Courtesy and Etiquette- Done
Introduction- Done
Dancing- Done
Food- Done
Calligraphy- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done
Decorative Arts- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done

In the works

Clothing- Once I get a yea or nay I can decide if I'm making something for Neil or myself
Heraldry- I need to take the test and herald some rounds
Entertainment- I have a lead on possibly doing a dance
Skills and Technology- Thinking either gloves or jewelry

If I have time

Games and Pastimes
Survival Skills

If all goes well I have 6 down 4 to go and 4 months left!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm all alone... so all alone...

fitting title, no? I see spamalot today (lyrics from one of the songs) and it's how I feel as of late about the quest I've posted several notes to the quest list asking how folks are doing, what they are doing, are we still doing this ect. and I have received no message back! I keep plugging along tho.

Today I posted a message because after talking to some folks who feel the quest is just to hard or just not feasible with their persona or that they don't even have a persona I had a thought (yes it does sometimes happen)

what if we expanded the quest make it more of a SCA quest rather then a persona quest, encourage people to research and learn and try new things in the SCA... ever made a scroll here is a chance to research and create one, enter it into a A&S competition and score 70%.... ever wanted to make garb? research something create it and enter it in a A&S comp. You're a viking but want to try dancing for the quest.... come learn 3 dances and teach one...... it fits all the categories and it makes the SCA focused questionnaire that much more fitting.......

I hope I hear something from the group on this one....

If I don't I will then at least know I am alone in taking this on and frankly I will complete it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scroll Done!!!

I really enjoyed this! I had a little more time then I normally do for a combat scroll and I loved basing it off a real manuscript! I' feeling really good about this considering this is only my second small scroll and really my first try at the squashed bug style! Now I'm off to do some sewing (and some wedding stuff with my sister) I hope to write the documentation up tonight!

almost done!

well with the scroll anyway!

here is the text I chose (the more cursive form on the bottom)

I based the text on this page

I decided to do the capital with a dragonsspine purple letter with the badge of the order sitting behind it (of course I erased the name shhhhhh)

All that's left is the ladybug and some whitework...... I also have to finish writting the documentation............

but it will be ready for this weekend! Now to finish this off and try to finish Neil's garb!

Monday, October 01, 2007

scroll again

ok so now I finished the shadow work and that took ages to get right.... well at least as right as I am going to get it..... I'm not 100% happy with it yet but I feel good about it considering it's my 2nd small scroll and the first time I've tried this style

This is about 3 hours worth of work spread out over 2 days.....

all I have left is a touch of white work on the blue flowers spots on my lady bug and I think I'm going to change the color on the butterfly..... I have a 2.5x4 space to put all my text including a capital (I plan on doing the letter in dragonsspine purple and the background of the letter will be the badge of the order) and leaving room for signatures........... I wrote to the head scribe and their excellencies I hope they will let me shrink the text or I am going to have a really fun time trying to write in the style of the scroll uber small (smallest I have ever gone!)