Friday, October 05, 2007

Dragonsspine A&S

So in about 10 hours I will be at Dragonsspine's A&S...... I will be entering two projects knocking out 2 more categories of the quest!

For my decorative arts I am entering three beaded slips........ (only needing 2 such items to complete the category, yea me!)

I am also going to enter the scroll I've been working on for my calligraphy category!

I sent out a question about making garb for my son for my clothing category.... I hope I hear a go ahead on that soon

Good news!! I posted on the quest group about my idea of expanding the focus of the quest and even tho I've been completely shot down at least folks are talking! so I'm not all alone!

A few of the caerthen folks I've been chatting with are hoping I finish the dragonsspine quest and then use my idea of making it a SCA focused quest and start it up here next year, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but it is an idea

So here is where I stand

Courtesy and Etiquette- Done
Introduction- Done
Dancing- Done
Food- Done
Calligraphy- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done
Decorative Arts- Done- won't know until tomorrow if I've earned the points to call it done

In the works

Clothing- Once I get a yea or nay I can decide if I'm making something for Neil or myself
Heraldry- I need to take the test and herald some rounds
Entertainment- I have a lead on possibly doing a dance
Skills and Technology- Thinking either gloves or jewelry

If I have time

Games and Pastimes
Survival Skills

If all goes well I have 6 down 4 to go and 4 months left!

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