Saturday, April 28, 2007


My name is Anora Marchaunt. I was born in Lancashire, England on October 16th 1537. My birth was quite remembered because the whole country was still celebrating the Christening of our long awaited Prince Edward the day before. I am the daughter of Henry and Amy Marchaunt. My Grandfather was gifted land and title for his deeds aiding Henry VII at the battle of Bosworth Field where he was part of Thomas Stanley’s household (the Earl of Derby). I have two older siblings Thomas and Mary and a younger sister Jane.

I spent my younger years at my father estate growing up with the Stanley children. I was lucky enough to be born around the same time as the Earls fourth child Jane and so we were tutored together and I received a grand education. I went to court for the first time on July 12th 1543 to see our glorious king Henry marry the lady Katherine Parr. At that moment I knew I must be a part of court life and the Lord Stanley arranged for me to become a lady in our Queens household. When I was eight my Father arranged for me to continue my education in Venice where I witnessed many things and found myself enthralled with the fashion that surrounded me. Venice had just Elected a new Doge, Francesco Donato and many noble families came into favor I was lucky my mistress’ family was one of them. I also discovered that I had been sent to Venice to also be educated in the true religion (Catholicism)

I remained in Venice until I received a letter recalling me to England on my sixteenth birthday. Queen Mary had just been crowned, England was going to return to the true church and I was to be married. My husband Nathaniel was a gentleman of the Earl of Northumberland’s Household and I was to become a lady of honor to the Queen. Within a year I achieved my wifely duty and gave birth to a son, Charles.

When I was twenty-one the Lady Mary died and I found myself in the employ of Elizabeth. I dearly love the lady Mary and her death affected me deeply, but one could not help but be charmed by such a lady as the Queen. Elizabeth brought joy back to the court that had long suffered in Queen Mary’s sadness. I greatly admire the Queen Elizabeth and I spend much time with her as a companion, she being only four years older then I, we find joy in much of the same activities.

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