Sunday, May 04, 2008

the future

so The plan was that we (her Excellency Lydia of Dragonsspine and I) did something to wrap up the dragonsspine Quest at Baron's war. Of course there is a very strong chance I will be going to Pennsic which means no Baron's war for me as I will be on the road to PA!!

So I am hoping we can do it at Dragonsspine's champion event this summer

So now that I am done what next??

Well naturally I want to corrupt those close to home and after talking to Her Excellency Mary about how much I learned from the dragonsspine quest we brainstormed on how we could introduce it to Caerthe and open it up to get more people involved.

So I created a new yahoo group

I am planning on holding a 1/2 hour class at crossroads where I will explain the goals of the quest and go into the categories. I hope to have a good group of folks excited and ready to start the quest shortly there after.

Eventually I would love to have a Chair person run the quest under the office of the baronial minister of the arts and sciences but I would really like that chair person be someone who has finished the quest so they understand the wants and needs of the folks undertaking the quest so that is a plan for the future.

I am also thinking of some sort of belt favor to show those who have started the quest and when you finish you receive another favor with charms showing which categories you have done. then your old questing favor can be passed down to the new questing giving them a bit of history but again this is in the works

So here is hoping that the quest takes off in Caerthe!!!

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