Sunday, March 30, 2008

bump in the road

OK so I hit a bump in the road today.... I entered my clothing and Skills and Technology items in Caerthe's A&S and didn't do as well as I had hoped. My Skills and Technology entry- the rosaries barely scraped by the 70% mark while my clothing item averaged a 69.87% I have my own theories on why I was scored so low (an all time low for anything I have entered since starting the quest- and since I need at least a 70% average score on my items to consider them done I must reenter the clothing entry before I can cross it off my list) and frankly I am feeling a bit stung. I did have some great suggestions on how to improve both entries that I plan on starting on tomorrow. Mainly because I haven't slept in 3 days trying to get ready for today's event and partly so I will get over such a blow. My big problem is the next chance I have to enter these items is at kingdom A&S in 14 days.

Now as a side note- there is a reason I don't enter caerthe's A&S and sadly today confirmed my reasoning's tho since I stepped up as caerthes A&S minister it is now my job to attempt to fix the issues I have so much trouble with.....

Kingdom A&S is by far the most intense A&S I have ever entered. As I am yet to try my luck with an inter kingdom competition at a war. I have never in the 10 years I have been in this kingdom entered a kingdom level event. I am scarred to death!!! I thought some of the judging today was a bit rough- It is a common train of thought that if you score an average of a 30% score with an item at kingdom that this is a huge success!! how am I going to get a 70% at this event??

I would like to also add sadly that many of my judging forms were returned with no comments at all.... so I have no idea what those judges liked or disliked....
(or maybe this was some form of initiation for the incoming A&S minister.....hmmmm)

so I'm feeling a bit down since I thought the clothing item was the stronger of my two quest entries at this event and will only give a heavy hearted - 2 more categories left to do...

ugghhh this is so depressing...... I hope a good nights sleep will help me see the light and find some motivation to redo the clothing stuff and I hope I survive my first kingdom A&S event

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