Saturday, March 01, 2008

Skills and Technology done!

So I have finished the 3 rosaries and I have finished their documentation!!! 2 categories to go!!!

first a black rosary made of black glass beads and Jet gauds a attempt at recreating a rosary from this painting

Next a coral rosary done in a loop style found in several paintings

And lastly an inspired by rosary... Done in Amethyst and silver filigree gauds


Anplica said...

These look great! I am on the Yahoo group with you. :)

Question - how did you attach the tassel to the middle of your coral rosary?

Christa said...

well I knotted off my silk thread to the tassel then strung my beads knotted them then attached the other end to the tassel and tied another knot does this make sense?

Anplica said...

It does actually. Good way to do it actually. I've followed Chris Laning's instructions before ( but am interested to see how different people tackle tassels.