Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another bump in the road

actually it is the same bump I've had since October... still no heraldry test... I've been asking and asking and coming up with alternatives and still no word from on high if it is a go or no go...

I'm getting a bit pissed about it in truth... I've waited about 6 months for an answer to this. I'm about to say "forget it (I'm watching my language)" and do a one page write up on my habitat or everyday life and call it done.... then if the heraldry thing ever comes thru I will be 1 over the # of categories I need.... I'll tell you this lack of support and communication is beyond killing me... no wonder the rest of the group that started this never did any of it... it's been over managed to death and no one is willing to to step up and run the darn thing.... Arggg I'm just venting. I'm all for someone having a life but what I hate is that we all are scared to death of sharing our opinions for fear we will be black balled heck I have probably blown my chance at awards and recognition just by writing this but what can I say I'm upset. I shouldn't have to wait 6 months for an answer on something that was in the "works" over a year ago!

ok I feel better next step write the 1 page non judged page

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