Saturday, December 09, 2006

What needs to be done

So here are the requirements for the quest and many need to be changed to fit my kingdom I will admitt I am all for the research I just have no desire to be judged at a A&S which many of them whant us to do

Courtesy and Etiquette - This is the one required area of the Quest, for, no matter how successful you may be in your other endeavours, if you fail to achieve the expected standards of courtesy and etiquette, you will be frowned upon by those who meet you. As you are of noble birth, you would naturally be thoroughly educated in this area. Your education shall be tested by the following Questionaire (being rewritten)

Introduction - You would be expected to know who you are and where you come from. You must now document this knowledge. Whislt this area is to a large extent creative writing, to succeed you must create a believable history supported by historical references.

Calligraphy - As one of high rank, you may have been fortunate enough to have learned the twin arts of reading and writing. You may demonstrate your skill in this area by producing one standard page of writing. This may be a scroll, a letter, or a record such as you might have kept, or any other such document as you may choose. You shall demonstrate your ability to write legibly and to set out your page in an appropriate fashion. Please document your choice of lettering, techniques and page layout. This will be judged in an Arts and Sciences Competition.

Games and Pastimes - These are other ways to fill your leisure hours. You must display proficiency in at least one indoor game, one outdoor game, and one other game of your choice. You shall teach these games and shall document something of their history.This category shall be judged by the following guide:1 Blatently modern game5 Mostly period elements, able to play and explain the game7 Elements of play appropriate to period, proficient, able to teach well10 Special care to enhance authenticity, such as home made games

Clothing - You will of course be appropriately dressed. You shall demonstarte this by producing a complete outfit including at theleast outerwear, underwear, and headwear. Footwear and accessories need not be made by you but should be used to complete the outfit. Please document this attire. This category shall be judged in an Arts and Sciences Competition

Decorative Arts - Such arts are appropriate ways or those of high birth to fill their leaisure, and for those of middle rank to make their fortunes. You shall demonstrate your profiiciency in an art such as ambroidery, lacework, weaving, or similar. You must create at least two items and document their construction. This categort shall be judges in an Arts and Sciences Competition.

Dancing - Dancing was popualr throughout all levels of society. You will befamiliar with this art. You may demonstrate your ability by performing at least three dances of different kinds. You must name theplace and time of each dance and you shall teach at least one of them.

Entertainment - If you would be well regarded you should consider entertaining. You may demonstrate your abilities in this challenging area by performing at two events. You may choose any form of entertainment including song, music, theatre, juggling, storytelling. You may have up to two other people assisting in your performance and your time limit is 5 minutes. This category shall be judged in an Arts and Sciences Competition.

Everyday Life- Here you may document your knowledge of your everyday routines and occurrences, such as, hobbies, past times, religious observances, household duties, community obligations, work, and so forth.

Habitat - This category covers your knowledge of where you live including your home, your land, and the surrounding area, including climate, sources of water, land use, nearby cities and towns. This category will be judged by your documentation of your knowledge.

Food - Food is neccessary for life. Thorough knowledge of this area would be essential. To complete this category you shall document your knowledge of food in your area, including what was available, where it came from, restrictions on food, how it was stored and prepared. You shall include a sample of a menu for a normal day and for a feast. You must also prepare and serve a suitable dish at an event with appropriate documentation. This shall be judged by the Cook's Guild.

Heraldry - Heraldry is important to the order of society, for pageantry and display and for recognition of people and their things. You may demonstrate your knowledge in this area by completing all of the following:*Passing the Pursuivant Extraordinary exam.*Submitting your name and device for registration by the College of Heralds (registration is not required but your group herald must have checked it and sent it upline).*Heralding at least four rounds of fighting over at least two events.

Survival Skills - Life is hard and dangerous. You may demonstrate your ability to defend yourself through any of the following:*Heavy Combat. You must complete four tournaments.*Archery. You must score above 70 in an IKAC shoot.*Rapier Combat. You must complete four tournaments.*Poisoning. You must document your knowledge of poisons and demonstrate your skill by "poisoning" a specifed victim at an event.

Skills and Technology - This category covers those diverse and neccessary skills not covered elsewhere such as jewllery making, herbalism, wood carving, armouring. You must document your techniques and materials. This category will be judged as part of an Arts and Sciences Competition

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