Saturday, December 09, 2006

the plan

So here is my plan! I will attempt these items, Although I do not want to enter any A&S compititions :( maybe I can get away with just displaying them :) or getting some laurels or other folks doing the quest to judge me......

Courtesy and Etiquette- Once the questionaire fits our group I will fill that out, I shall also continue to be kind and helpful and use my manners :)

Introduction- already in the process of writting

Calligraphy- either a letter or I might do a page from a book of hours

Games and Pastimes one indoor game -either Primero or Taroccho
one outdoor game- bowls (lawn bowling)
one other game of your choice- tables (backgammon)

Clothing- Either- Tudor dress (mary I) or Elizabethan hmmmmmm

Decorative Arts- Beadwork and some needlepoint

Dancing- Black Nagg (Playford 3rd edition - 1657)
Heart’s Ease (first edition Playford [1651 - registered in 1650])
Branle Des Lavandiers (Arbeau "Orchesography" - 1589)

Entertainment- recite poem (veronica Franco)
write a sonnet?
recite a Soliloquy

Everyday Life- wite up

Habitat- again write up

Food- write up a menu, list standards of a meal, my dish Savoury Toasted or Melted Cheese (from Kenelm Digby The Closet of Sir Kenelm Knight) and I would also like to do a lemon curd

Heraldry- Passing the Pursuivant Extraordinary exam. (we don't have an exam here, so I must speak with some heraldry type folks and see what I can do)
Submitting your name and device for registration by the College of Heralds- already Done! Heralding at least four rounds of fighting over at least two events.

Survival Skills- Rapier Combat. You must complete four tournaments

Skills and Technology- make a rosery girdle

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